Company Incorporation and Management

AXA provides international clients with a variety of corporate entities to implement their asset protection and tax needs. Moreover, AXA also provides nominee shareholders and corporate director services which provide privacy for their clients. In addition, AXA provides accounting, secretarial and registered office services for the convenience of the client.

Banking Services

Through our directorship services AXA is able to transact banking services on behalf of our corporate clients. We operate a prompt, reliable and secure money transfer operation.


AXA has a fully integrated computer system that allows clients to transact e-commerce activities through an internet based system. We also manage client's merchant bank activities.

Ship Registration

We provide a one stop ship registration service. We represent ships registered in Panama, Belize, St. Vincent, Antigua and here in Anguilla. Moreover, we have arrangements with approved ship surveyors which allows us to be expeditious in our registrations.

Permits and Licences

AXA has a wealth of experience in obtaining permits and business licences necessary to do business in Anguilla. Navigating the bureaucracy is a learned skill and AXA's experience bring results to our clients.


AXA has developed relationships in a number of jurisdictions including the United States, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. In instances where a client is implementing a multi jurisdictional structure, these relationships are important in terms of time and money.

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